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Monday, April 23, 2018

Daily Perfect Posture

Daily Perfect Posture

Perfect posture contributes to correct breathing—which is breathing with deep and long breaths. Incidentally, rodents, with the shortest breaths in the animal kingdom, have the shortest lifespan. Therefore, perfect posture with correct breathing is an important component of holistic health and healing.

Despite the importance of good posture for optimal breathing, good posture is often overlooked because there is no one constantly reminding you to improve your posture; just as correct breathing is taken for granted because you “think” breathing is second nature to you, but often it is not. Correct breathing is constant awareness of your breaths and your posture.

You cannot breathe right without correct posture. Perfect posture means in any standing position, you body posture should be as follows:

Your head is directly above your shoulders.
Your chin is tucked in. 
Your ear, shoulder, and hip are in a straight line from a side view.
Your upper back is straight, not slouched.
Your shoulders, relaxed and straight, are flat against your back.
Your pelvis is in a neutral position.
Your knees are unlocked.

This is how you can improve your posture, in particular, your standing posture: to stand up straight, you require a straight spine, straight shoulders, and no slumping.

These are the steps to improve your standing posture: 

Stand with your feet hip-width apart (for better balance).
Align your ears, shoulders, and hips (Using a mirror for alignment).
Unlock both knees (maintaining “neutral” pelvis; that is, avoiding you pelvis tilting forward).
Pull in your abdominal muscles.
Inhale naturally.
Exhale slowly while pulling your belly button into the spine.
Lift your rib cage by straightening your rounded upper back; while expanding your lungs for deeper breathing.
Realign your head over your shoulders. Make sure your head is not leaning backward.
Un-round your shoulders by rotating your arms until your palms are facing your thighs.
Gently press your shoulders down, away from your ears.
Pull your shoulder blades towards your spine.
Stretch your head upwards without tilting backwards.

Practice the above until correct posture becomes second nature to you. Perfect posture is your awareness of good posture at all times.

Stephen Lau
Copyright© 2018 by Stephen Lau

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