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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Why Wear Suspenders

Gentlemen, if you wish to be healthy, wear suspenders, and not belts for your pants!


Health has a lot to do with your breathing, which has a lot to do with your posture, which has a lot to do with your spine. Optimum breathing provides oxygen to your lungs and henceforth to the rest of your body. Breathing, however, can be compromised or even disrupted by poor posture, which will result in an unstraight or crooked spine.

How does wearing suspenders help? 

Irrespective whether you have a flat or bulging tummy, you tend to push your tummy forward when you are wearing a belt for your pants--this disfigures your posture. A correct posture is to tuck in your tummy, slightly squeeze your buttocks and push them forward in order to align your spine. If you do this while wearing a belt, your pants tend to drop; psychologically and unconsciously, there is a tendency to push the tummy forward.

Wearing suspenders, on the other hand, enables you to tuck in your tummy. At first, you may find it straining to do just that due to weak abdominal muscles; however, through greater awareness and more practice, you will be able to overcome it. 

Remember, good posture means in any standing position, you body posture should be as follows:
  • Your head is directly above your shoulders.
  • Your ear, shoulder, and hip are in a straight line from a side view.
  • Your upper back is straight, not slouched.
  • Your shoulders, relaxed and straight, are flat against your back.
  • Your pelvis is in a neutral position.
  • Your knees are unlocked.

Wearing suspenders is not only a statement of fashion but also an expression of posture health.

Stephen Lau
Copyright© 2018 by Stephen Lau

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