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Patience and Perseverance

Patience and Perseverance

“Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.” John Quincy Adams

When confronted with life crises and challenges, we often tend to focus on ourselves instead of giving the best of ourselves to others. Again, there are times when we withhold what we should have given. The good news is that patience is a human virtue that can help us through our suffering with persistence.

Patience is a proactive virtue that requires much inner strength to face difficulties encountered in life. According to St. Thomas Aquinas, patience may enable you to bear suffering and sorrow in such a way that you do not become broken by negative thoughts such that you forsake the way of virtue. Patience lets you stay on course with your life. If you close in on yourself when you experience tragedies, you will not be attentive to the needs of others. The more you are obsessed with your own problems, the more you are unpleasant to be around, and the more depressed and isolated you become.

Patience is a virtue that may help you bear sadness in such a way that you do not deviate from the humanitarian course you are on. With patience, you learn also how to persevere.

If you desire to be a better individual, you must have patience and perseverance towards not only yourself but also others around you.

Can you focus on others instead of allowing your own negative emotions to gnaw at you?

With patience and perseverance, you will find the wisdom to be good and happy, and live your life as if everything is amiracle.

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Stephen Lau
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